My First Blog

I’ve had way to much time recently. I left my old job last friday and don’t start my new one — yeah for new graphic design, ideal job — until this friday.

So with all this time, I started fixing up the clarinet website because there were some techincal gliches with the photo gallery. Then Brian suggested that I put blog up for news and events type stuff. I started doing that for the clarinet site and realized I really didn’t want to put in all that effort — and then getting my roommate to use it on top of everything. What I really wanted was to have a bolg on my site.

After trying out a few different types of blogs at opensource cms, I ended up going with WordPress. WordPress looked nice as default and setup in 5 seconds flat. But, as always, I couldn’t use the default look, which promted me to redo my whole site with a more stream-lined CSS — I think my pages are about half the lines they used to be because of all those embedded tables. So, here it is!

One Response to “My First Blog”

  1. Brian Says:

    WordPress is way cool!!! And your blog is ridiculously cool looking.