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Wednesday, July 14th, 2004

Just went to Vegas this past weekend, in honor of being 21 and able to enjoy all that Vegas has to offer. The last time, and the first time, I went was for the Vegas Bowl freshman year.

My first trip to Las Vegas, for the Vegas Bowl, Christmas 2001.

As you can see it wasn’t all fun and games, I had to work for my room and board. This time it was all different, we got a fantastic deal at Imperial Palace, and according to The Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas, “no hotel in Las Vegas has a better location.” I agree, smack dab in the middle of the strip is a prime location, and it was good for the first time, walking around and seeing the sights, but gambling there was a bit too lavish for me, the smallest minimum bet on blackjack we could find was $5.

We did get some good deals for shows at Tix4Tonight, a small little store that sells half price tickets, and since Vegas is scorching, offer yellow umbrellas for shade while waiting in line. We got tickets to see Star Trek: The Experience, which I was dying to see ever since my teacher Trixy Sweetvittles highly recommended it, I figured if someone who’s not into Star Trek liked it I have to like it. Well I did! First we went to Quark’s Bar, where Brian got a Borg Sphere, a crazy (I mean the small does have 5 oz. of alcohol) green drink with dry ice in a fish bowl, and I got Deanna Troi’s Chocolate drink, which was everything I wanted it to be: chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. Then we went on the rides, which I have to say before riding them they seem like a cliché 3-D show and a Star Tours rip off, but at the risk of spoilage, I’ll just say that they aren’t. We also got tickets to the absolutely hilarious Second City at the Flamingo, where we probably spent as much on drinks as we did on the tickets.

The next day we just moseyed around on the strip. We finally went far enough south to see MGM, New York-New York, and the Excalibur, and north to see Harrah’s and the Venetian. We also stopped by the Coke store and the M&M store.

Brian and I on the Coca-Cola Polar Bear.